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API Monitoring

Monitor all system critical API's to ensure they stay online. Not just your API's payment gateways, shipping API's, any API you use.

Email Notifications

Get notified instantly by email if any of your system critical services go down. Need multiple people notified? No problem!

Multiple Locations

Monitor your site from a single, location, multiple locations, or a geo-targeted location network.

Port Monitoring

With port monitoring you can monitor specific ports on your server to ensure uptime.

Save on Hosting

Most hosts offer an uptime guarantee where you get a refund if they do not meet it. Are you owed a refund?

SMS Notifications

All of our plans, even the free plan include SMS notification credits, know instantly when your site is down.

Complete list of features

Does your website depend on system critical API's? With peaMonitor you are able to monitor them for downtime, giving you the ability to react if there is an issue.

API monitoring does not have to be limited to your site, you can also monitor critical API's like shipping, payment, or other API's that your website depends on.

Port monitoring allows you to monitor specific ports on your server for issues, you can be notified instantly if your mail server is down, or any other port based service you might use.

peaMnotior allows you to monitor your website or services from multiple locations around the world of your choosing. Currently we have 9 different locations in:

  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • Frankfurt
  • Bangalore
  • London
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Toronto

With peaMonitor you can get around any geo-location your server might use, so you can monitor multiple versions of your site even if you are using load balancers to geo-redirect traffic.

Every peaMonitor plan comes with status pages that you can use to quickly and publically show your uptime. Every status page allows you to put a single, or multiple monitors on the page.

Be notified by email instantly when a server or service goes down.

Prefer SMS notification? We have you covered, every peaMonitor plan includes SMS alerts, so you can be notified instantly if there is an issue with your website.

You can set your monitors to monitor your site's or service's status from every 1 minute to every 60 minutes, or with the Sprout plan every 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

In your peaMonitor dashboard you can see how every server or service you monitor is doing with weekly uptime reports.

Is email mission critical for your company? If so, you can monitor your email server to ensure that it is not added to any sending blacklists and get notified as soon as it is. (Farm plan only)

With keyword monitoring you are not relying on the status code from the server, you are searching the site for a specific keyword. This allows you to ensure that custom content, or geo-locked content is delivered correctly.

The keyword monitoring feature could even be used to monitor competitor's pricing if needed, it is one of the most flexible tools in the peaMonitor toolbox. (Plant and Farm plans)