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peaMonitor Status Pages

All of our peaMonitor plans come with at least one status page, even our free plan. With status pages you can show either your users or your client's the uptime of their server with a quick and easy link. This is one of the most useful features of peaMonitor, a lot of the sites we monitor actually keep a link in their footer, to show the uptime of their site or their services.

For Hosts

If you are a host with multiple servers, our status pages are an invaluable tool. You can show the uptime of each server on a simple page for your sutomers to see. Since we are not affiliated with any hosting companies, your customers can be assured that our stats are accurate and not doctored in a way to make your hosting service look better than it actually is.

Service Providers

If you provide a service, such as a api or any other publicly accessed service, you can use our status pages showing users if the service is currently online. This can cut down support requests and tickets, by allowing people to see your status without actually contacting you.

peaMonitor is one of the most flexible monitoring systems on the planet, our status pages allow you to monitor email server, apis, web sites, or web services. Simple, easy to use, and multiple location support.


peaMonitor is the future of monitoring

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