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thirty bees partnership

We are happy to announce that peaMonitor has partnered with thirty bees to push e-commerce into a more stable, 100% uptime focused marketspace. If you are not familiar with thirty bees, it is an open source e-commerce platform. It started its life as a fork of PrestaShop, but in the end has grown so to be so much more than a simple fork. thirty bees has created their own marketspace, loyal group of merchants, and even surpassed PrestaShop by offering a more stable core, with better updating capabilities.

If you are not already familiar with thirty bees, it is a platform you should look into if you currently run an e-commerce site, or are thinking about running one in the future. It has more features out of the box than most other platforms, it is ultra fast, and it is also open source. So you do not have to pay a monthly fee like you would with shopify or other SaaS e-commerce platforms.

Our partnership with thirty bees will allow us to grow our global reach, especially into new markets, while helping thirty bees user’s websites to stay online. We are happy to be a part of their partner program.


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